About Us

Who is Chimpino

Welcome to Chimpino, your trusted partner in enhancing your Mautic experience through innovative plugins and themes. At Chimpino, we're passionate about helping businesses and organizations unlock the full potential of Mautic, the powerful open source marketing automation platform. Our mission is to make your marketing efforts smarter, more efficient, and more effective.

Chimpino was founded by Dana Linhartová and Jan Linhart located in Prague in the Czech republic who are software engineers and technology enthusiasts who recognized the need for user-friendly, feature-rich plugins that seamlessly integrate with Mautic. We understand the challenges businesses face in the ever-evolving digital landscape, and our journey began with a commitment to develop solutions that simplify marketing automation and maximize results.

We are committed to providing top-tier plugins and integrations that empower Mautic users to optimize their marketing campaigns, engage with their audience, and ultimately achieve their business goals. We believe that technology should be a catalyst for success, not a hurdle to overcome. That's why we design our plugins with simplicity, reliability, and performance in mind.

Dana Linhartová

Main developer who can't wait to assist you with support requests.

Jan Linhart

Knows Mautic as very few people on the planet as he's the core Mautic developer since before version 1.0 in 2014.

Company registration number: 75412551. Not VAT Registered.

Why Choose Chimpino?

TLDR: we build our plugins for our needs. We want them to be amazing!

Quality and Reliability

We obsess over quality. Every Chimpino plugin undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to meet the highest standards, ensuring that they work seamlessly with your Mautic instance. We keep our code base covered by automated tests to ensure stability and allows us to add new features fast with knowledge it did not affect the existing functionality.

User-Friendly Solutions

You don't need to be a tech guru to use our plugins. We've made configuration and everyday use a breeze, so you can focus on what matters most - your marketing strategy.

Continuous Innovation

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead is crucial. Chimpino is committed to continuous innovation, delivering new and exciting plugins and themes to match industry trends and evolving marketing needs.

Exceptional Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. No matter the question or issue, we're here to ensure your success with our products. We are improving the documentation after every support request to ensure clear instructions for all our customers.

Community Engagement

Chimpino thrives in the spirit of community. We actively engage with the Mautic community, sharing knowledge and support to help everyone succeed. When you choose Chimpino, you're not just buying a plugin; you're joining a like-minded community.